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Accelerating Treatment

Attachments are tiny bumps placed on your teeth for the duration of treatment. They are only placed on select teeth and they will change at different stages of your treatment.  Attachments are the most important part of Invisalign treatment as they ensure a tooth moves quickly and efficiently. Without these attachments, the aligner will slip over your teeth and the teeth may not move. Attachments are especially important for teeth that require lots of movement to get in to line!

Your aligners will need to be changed on average every 1-2 weeks. You may start treatment with anywhere from 7 to 30 aligners, all depending on how much your teeth need to move. Treatment is divided in to stages and will involve extra scans or impressions and new sets of aligners as we progress through your treatment. 

In some instances we may even add elastics around your molars to help move teeth. They are not usually visible and mostly worn at night to help teeth move while you're sleeping.

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